a brief history of wood


I am a freelance graphic designer, available for a wide range of design and illustration services. I aim to combine my design ethos of simplicity and distillment of message with a tireless work ethic.

Having spent the early part of my career as a restaurant manager, I filled every minute of my spare time painting, creating t-shirt and poster designs, experimenting with graffiti, as well as designing in-house menus, leaflets and newsletters at my place of work.

These creative urges led me to a degree in graphic design from the University of Hertfordshire, completed via distance learning through a design institute in Edinburgh. The distance learning element of the degree allowed me to continue to work full-time while simultaneously studying full-time. Enjoyment of the course and love of design helped me through the long hours, and I was delighted to receive a 1st for my efforts.

Since completing my degree in 2013 I have been able to expand my portfolio with a wide-range of projects that can be explored on the 'work' page. I have also begun designing and selling a series of posters that celebrate football grounds of England past and present - these can be found on the 'shop' page.

Please don't hesitate in getting in touch for a quote, or to discuss a potential project.